1. How to create your User Account

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You are new in HelloRFQ. Would you like to create an account for your company?

We show you how to do it in the following article:

How to access:

1-. Acess www.hellorfq.com

2-. User Sign up

Fill in all the requested information.

Accept the terms & condictions

Click in the «create» button.

3-. You will receive a email confirming the registration. At the same time, the website will directly send you to the login page. Here you should enter the registered email address and password.

We are almost there! Soon you will be creating your first RFQs 🙂

There is just one more step to be done prior to issue your first RFQ.. You need to create your company in HelloRFQ. so we can link your user account with your company. If you try to create an RFQ prior to register your company, you won´t be allowed and you will receive the following message:

Create your company in HelloRFQ

In this step you will be creating a new company account in HelloRFQ. You will start with the «FREE» plan and you could upgrade it whenever you want! Each company will have its own plan.

Once you have registered, and logged in www.HelloRFQ.com you will be directly sent to the Company Creation page and you should complete the following fields:

  • Company name:   Add the fiscal or commercial name of your company.
  • VAT number: It will help us identifying your company and its country location.
  • Adress: Full address including postal code, location, estate or province, and country.
  • Category:  Select the type of business activity. Example: Energy & Fuels.
  • Subcategory:  Select the subcategory your are in. Considering the above example, there will be subcategory 1: Energy, and subcategory 2: Fuels Supply.

Once you have completed the above steps, click on  CREATE button.

You are now ready to embark on your adventure in HelloRFQ!

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