3, How to complete the RFQs details

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Complete the RFQ details

Once you have chosen the pricing model, you can star completing the details of the RFQ.

You must fill in the following information:

-Name: Name or reference of your RFQ.

– Category: Select one from the dropdown menu.

– Subcategory: Select one from the dropdown menu, once you have chosen the category.

-Summary: Here you can write the details of the RFQ and any additional comments you may want to share with the supplier.

– Due date: Set the date by when you need to receive all responses to your RFQ.

-Current price: Price at which you are currently purchasing the product or service you request in the RFQ. It allows HelloRFQ to calculate the savings. Suppliers won’t see it in any case.

-Upload file: You can upload a file with more details of your RFQ. All the documentation you need to share with the supplier to support your RFQ can be attached in this section.



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