4. How to Select Suppliers

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Choose suppliers

In this section you have to select the supplier or suppliers to whom you would like to send the RFQ. It’s about choosing who you want to give the opportunity to quote. You’re always in control.

First you will have to select the suppliers from the directory in order to send them your request for quotation (RFQ). HelloRFQ will offer all the suppliers in the directory that are registered within the same category and subcategory of the RFQ. You should position the mousse over «Suppliers».

If you would like to send the RFQ to suppliers in the directory that are registered within other categories/subcategories, you should start writing the name of the supplier in the section «Create supplier». When writing the first 3 characters of the company’s name, HelloRFQ offers all the suppliers with the matching criteria (please see example image below). You could select them and incorporate them to the RFQ.

If you want to send the RFQs to suppliers that are not included in the directory, you need to create them in HelloRFQ.

Position the mousse over «Create supplier» and enter the name of the company and the email address.

Click on the «Add» button or double click on the supplier, and the supplier will be added to the supplier list for the specific RFQ. On the right side you can see the suppliers you have selected for your RFQ: Both the suppliers in HelloRFQ directory (on the upper side on the image below), and the new suppliers you have chosen, who have not yet been registered in HelloRFQ (on the lower side of the image below).

Once you have selected all the suppliers to whom you would like to send the RFQ, click on the «Next» button.


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